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2020 & BEYOND . . . What to Do and How to Do It

If we could first know where we are and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do and how to do it.” - a quote from Abraham Lincoln’s June 16, 1858 House Divided Speech at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield on the occasion of his acceptance of the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination for State Senator, leading to his unsuccessful attempt to unseat Stephen Douglas.   Lincoln’s words would seem to have application in our current times, locally and nationally.  Choose words carefully, they have power and responsibility!


2020 brought many situations we were not expecting to see/experience – all manner of our lives - personal, family, business, government, safety, etc. have been upended rendering fear and stress beyond our comprehension and will probably continue through 2021 and maybe beyond.  Whenever it ends, there will be much “to do” – taking stock of where we are headed, “tending” so as to know “what to do and how to do it”.

In 2020, each of us knows personally, or by observation of others, the ups and downs and the effects on all, one way or the other.  So, “what to do”?  Pause and take stock of your well-being, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc.  If adjustments are warranted, begin corrective action now so you can be the best you can be for whatever is to come.  The given constant will be change.


In recent years, there has developed a great deal of incivility, anger, rage and lack of respect for public and private individuals as well as laws and it seems to be getting worse instead of better!  There are common sense manners and laws that guide us in better conduct, if we abide.  Those perpetrating negative actions on others are harming themselves as well as the innocent citizens on the receiving end.


People complain there is a lack of leadership and, to a degree that may be true, but leadership starts from within each individual and how they conduct their life – good examples can be taught and caught!  Negativism diminishes lives, positivity lights up our brains.


The trials and tribulation of 2020 may have, to some degree, clouded our observations and relationships with one another.  So, HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL and I will now segue to commercial real estate facts in Bloomington, Normal and McLean County to illustrate shining points of light and positivity to brighten your day.


BL-NL Building Permits (Partial List) (Total Bldg. Permits-541)

  1. Rivian Auto Plant:  $275,000,000 (additions & revisions)
  2. Phoenix Investors:  $9,866,000 (finish Kerrick Rd. Warehouse)
  3. Catalyst Construction:  $6,346,742 (35-unit apartment bldg.)
  4. Crunch Fitness:  $3,211,862 (Shoppes @ College Hills)
  5. Ferrara Candy (Beich):  $75,000,000 (expansion)
  6. YMCA & Easter Seals:  $23,000,000 (new bldg. on OSF Campus)
  7. Westminster Village:  $18,950,491 (additions & revisions)
  8. State Farm:  $15,851,580 (additions & revisions)

Total of $427,226,675 in Building Permits (Partial List)


McLean County Proper

  1. 129 Total Commercial Building Permits:  $300,981,464
  2. 3 Existing Wind Farms Value/Tax Collections 2007-2020:  $52,689,726


Peace, Positivity, and Growth = PROSPERITY