Market News

Mike Flynn

“The wise person, even when remaining quiet, says more than the fool who speaks.” (author unknown)

2020 brought many situations we were not expecting to see/experience – all manner of our lives - personal, family, business, government, safety, etc. have been upended rendering fear and stress beyond our comprehension and will probably continue through 2021 and maybe beyond.

So, what are we to make of one the most serious and significant events of our lifetime – touching all of our lives – local, state, country, and around the world?  In a few months, we have come from relative well-being to an unseen enemy (virus) creating havoc in all aspects of life as we have known it – health, sickness, death, family, and...

As we cruise toward the closing out of 2019, there is and has been a great deal of focus on the downtown State Farm1 building (demo or develop). 

Given the impact of “serious” infrastructure deficits on all manner of commercial real estate and the multitude of attendant commercial transactions throughout the United States, it might prove illuminating to focus on the meaning of “serious” in this context.

It goes without saying that we of Bloomington-Normal, McLean County have much to be grateful for our long-standing mix of agriculture, business, education, religious and charitable organizations, etc.