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Bob Swords

While college enrollment has increased 29% since 2000, it is projected to grow only 2% by 2029. Although college enrollment numbers for fall 2020 remained largely unchanged, a completely remote semester or big decline in foreign students shifted things dramatically.

For years, modern and flexible office spaces were the stomping grounds of small, boutique startups and the self-employed creative types.

The popularity of small local retailers has risen of late, due in large part to the evolution of social media, when effectively utilized in tandem with owner attention to traditional fundamentals inherent to the business.

Today, environmental concerns have become a part of common consciousness, but with respect to commercial real estate transactions, they reached the forefront some fifty years ago and have evolved since.

For prospective buyers or tenants, the common criteria for formulating a search are square footage and cost, both important considerations to be sure, but here are some other factors that might be equally important to consider.

While these series of articles are dedicated to matters concerning commercial real estate, when a business sale or purchase is contemplated, a valuation of the business must be considered either in conjunction with, if not prior to, assessing real estate needs.

Congratulations! While it may seem like only yesterday, the business you started just a few short years ago on a dime and a prayer has begun to prosper.