Market News

Laura Pritts

You’ve probably heard it said that small business is the lifeblood of a community. They provide essential services, create jobs, attract visitors, and together, they create the unique place that people come to know and love.

You saved your money and did your homework. You’ve been to the bank, and your business plan screams success. Now all you need is the perfect location.

Owning real estate is a great way to invest, but like any type of investment, buyers should fully understand what they’re getting into. Some properties are great investments, and some should be avoided at any cost. Do you know the difference? It’s usually not as simple as age and condition.

Ask ten different commercial real estate professionals what will happen to the market due to COVID-19 and you’ll probably get ten very different answers.  Articles on the subject abound with phrases like “sudden and significant,” “market risks,” and “uncertainty.”

A good multi-family investment should be making money, not losing it. And yet, too many times, I wind up with an evaluation on my desk for a property at the bottom of a downward spiral, one that costing more and more each year just to keep it afloat.

As of this writing, Spring 2018, nationally, retail is experiencing a seismic shift. Online shopping and other changes in the way people shop won’t “kill” retail, but it will change the face of it.

Have you ever noticed that different professions have their own languages? I don’t speak medical very well. I speak marginal education, and I don’t speak mechanical at all. A lot of folks around here speak fluent insurance; I’m not one of them.