Market News

Mike Talkington

Any type of property, whether it's commercial or residential, can be a good investment opportunity.  In general, commercial properties typically offer more financial reward, but like all investments, you have to understand what you are investing in.

When you are looking at similar properties to lease, but the asking lease rates vary greatly, should you take the lowest quoted lease rate?    Where instinct might tell you that is the best deal, you cannot truly know if this is true until you understand the different types of leases on commercial real estate.

So, you think you want to own commercial real estate?  You think this just might be your ticket to financial freedom?  If you are new to this type of investment, do not try and do this alone. 

Have you noticed properties sitting vacant, some of these spaces for possibly long periods of time?   Are the rents too high, parking inadequate, exterior or interior neglected?

It seems that everywhere you look today, it’s almost impossible to avoid hearing or reading stories about Millennials. We have all heard about how they are making huge strides and taking the lead in business, politics, real estate, philanthropy, and more.

By now, you should have had plenty of time to justify why your New Year’s resolution was way too ambitious and easily justify its early extinction, just like last year.  So as we optimistically turn to 2018, let’s look at the tax changes and the possibility of positive impact on commercial real estate.